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Photography sessions

$475.00 USD

How to book the date & confirm your time.

Call/Text: 773-899-8628
or Email:

Artist-ographer/Lieutenant Norals IV 

***Artistic Portrait 
One person 30 min. $150
2 fully Retouched head-shot from your in-studio session.  

(The Imagery will be electronically transferred via , DropBox etc...)

***Complete description*** 
In-studio session actual shooting time allotted will be 30min for your shoot, however, you will be booked for 1 hour at the studio.
You are booked for 1hr on your day so we give you proper lighting, adjustments, wardrobe changes time. You will also be picking your 2 images during this time & shouldn't have to take away from your 30 minutes shooting time to do that. As I always want my patrons to receive the captures they believe, best complements the look they want to achieve. 

Adding more images from your shoot. 

ala carte: 

 $50  Each additional image added to your package from your shoot, while still in or later that day after your studio session.

 $75 Each additional image should you choose to add images to your package the day after your session.

Hi, welcome Families!

***Artistic Family portraits
Small family of 4 or less 30 min session $175.

What does the $175 session fee include?
One simply elegant artistic family portrait for your holiday card 30 min session $175.

Phone CONSULTATION to share ideas and plan your session a 30 min on location portrait SESSION.

One fully retouched hi-resolution family portrait electronically transferred via email.

***Small family of 4 or less
1 to 2 hr session $475.

What does the $475 session fee include?

Phone CONSULTATION to share ideas and plan your session.

ONE to TWO HOUR on location portrait SESSION. In some sessions, we are able to go and capture exactly what the family needs straight away. While in other sessions, it takes a little bit more time for families to warm up to the idea of having images captured of them as well as their individual portraits. This all takes time depending on the family size, conditions of the day, I.E. lighting, weather restroom breaks, a change of clothing, if we have to switch locations Etc.

The session will yield a photo album created/ordered from Adorama books and will take a few hours to design once the photos are edited, retouched and ready for upload. This makes for roughly $75 or more of the quoted price, covering printing and shipping. (I'd say receiving the book will be about 3weeks from the day of the photo shoot.) As directly after the shoot I have to edit and retouch your imagery which should take about a week for all the captures to be done. Then uploading and creating the book, in which case I give them about 1week for print, 1 week for delivery of the book to you. Your book is worth it because of the durability and a great quality when it comes to imagery.

You’ll get a print of your family on "Hahnemuhle fine art photography paper" as a framed family portrait. This entails purchasing a unique frame from one of the many art stores I frequent in which case traveling to the store gas mileage purchasing frame are all included in the price quoted to you. A CD or flash drive with your best captures from our session (the imagery that shows your family the best light) set to a song of your choice. In which most cases I purchase the song off the internet so that the artist receives their funds for their creativity and you receive the song you want your images to be set to.

The session will yield 20 fully retouched captures and additional "edited only" imagery from the photo session. All captures added to the CD or flash drive will be printable. This way you can actually get imagery printed yourself that's a way better price then I might be able to charge you for printing them out myself. You also receive these captures in a web link, which will be accessible for a month. No Yelp deals or Coupons accepted with the session.

Have questions, need rates? 
Architectural, time-lapse, investment Decor pieces, event, product imagery, food photography, look-book, commission work and more? Feel free to contact me at the info below.

Artist-ographer/Lieutenant Norals IV 

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