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I am a Chicago-based artist whose goal is to become one of our world's premier fine artists. I graduated from Harrington College of Design with my degree in digital photography in 2013 and founded Chicago's Blu Tint Photography a few years earlier in 2009.

I was privately contracted to renderer the works of art for famed Japanese American Artist Keiko Nemeth. Subcontracted to capture works of art for the state of Wyoming State museum Art department. This Sub contract was via the Google "arts and culture project." This assignment which lasted a month. Even expanded to  the Wyoming Governor's Mansion  where I was asked to render the  Thomas Mesker 1885 Potter's Bull artwork.

I was commissioned by the Smithsonian American Art Museum to create renderings of Bill Traylor works of art. All which took place in three private art dealers residences. These captures can now be found in Between Worlds: The Art of Bill Traylor.


Lighting, creativity, patience for problem-solving...This is what I deliver to each commissioned Art rendering project. I capture works of art to help complement one's brand or for purpose of insuring pieces for one's artistic portfolios. I also sell my prehung works of art as investment decor.

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If you are in need of original works being rendered and would like to work with a positive creative. I'm the artist who focuses on rendering high quality, tailor-made for commercial or artistic use.

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I shoot to capture timeless images that can make the transition from a museum to a product billboard into an art gallery or office waiting room while still retaining their artistic integrity.

 -Lieutenant Norals IV

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